Don't Fall Into the Trap of a Carousell Scammer. Here's the 4 Latest Types of Scams on the Carousell App.

carousell scams
Image by Carousell

While Carousell is an amazing application that connects people from all walks of life to be entrepreneurial, it can at times be a tricky terrain to navigate through given that it is a free-for-all, open marketplace. A blog dedicated to unveiling the underbelly of this application, Carouhell is a warning to naive users on unscrupulous individuals who taint the purpose of Carousell.

Latest Scams on Carousell to Avoid

In order to not give fraudulent individuals the satisfaction of a successful scam, these are some of the scams that occur on Carousell.

  1. Online Ticket Sales

    One Singaporean Mum Paid $700 for Concert Tickets That She Never Received

    There have been reports of scammers on Carousell selling tickets that have been duplicated or going MIA after receiving payment from their victims. In a news article by Asia One, Madam Ko turned to the application when tickets for an EXO concert that her daughter wanted to see were sold out. The Carousell scammer went cold after Madam Ko transferred $700 and a few weeks later, they made a police report.

    With the recent demand for Coldplay tickets after both concert days were declared “sold out”, people are taking to Carousell to search for individuals selling them. If you are a Coldplay fan, be wary of deals that seem too good to be true or risk buying a ticket and being denied entry.

  2. Branded Item Scam

    Miss Summer Lee Traded In Her $2,800 YSL Bag for a $20 Chanel Imitation 

    Luxury goods in the form of handbags and wallets can easily be found on Carousell these days as the fashion tide ebbs and flows. However, in that demand also exists a multitude of fake products trying to pass off as branded items. One such report came from The New Paper when Miss Summer Lee traded in her $2800 YSL bag for a fake Chanel bag that was worth $20. To add insult to injury, she found her YSL bag on Carousell for sale weeks later. In addition, others have lost thousands of dollars paying for luxury items only to receive imitation goods.

  3. E-commerce Scam

    Man Was Scammed of $12,350 When Trying to Buy A PS4 At A Good Deal

    A more common scam found both on and off Carousell is the E-commerce scam. John (not his real name) thought he was getting a good deal for a $350 Playstation 4 until he realised after contacting the police that he had been scammed of $12,350. Victims of these scams are usually told to pay for the goods before hand. Some are then asked to make further payments for “custom clearance fees” after which, the goods are never delivered.

  4. Nigerian Scam

    Miss Gina Ang Almost Got Cheated by A Carousell Scammer Pretending to Be An Interested Buyer  

    Nigerian scams are usually thought to only operate through emails and phone calls. However, a Facebook Post by Gina Ang proved that it can happen on Carousell too. She thought that she was selling her Prada Bag on Carousell to a buyer who was located in Malaysia but after checking the area code of the persons mobile number, she realised that the individual was located in Nigeria. The scam then continued when she received an email asking her to transfer money to an account to get the transferred money un-frozen from her account. Thankfully, Gina was alert and declined to send any money or provide further information about herself.

While Carousell can be a blessing, one should always be wary of the malicious people hiding behind pseudonyms in the application. In the next article, we look at the different ways you can protect yourself from getting scammed.