Don't Say Yes if A Caller Asks 'Can You Hear Me?'. Latest Phone Scam May Arrive in Singapore Soon.

can you hear me phone scam
Image by ABC Action News

There’s a new phone scam in town and you could be the next victim just by saying “yes”.

The victim first receives a phone call through a local number where the caller introduces themselves and the company they work for. The scammer then asks “can you hear me?” and as an immediate reaction, the victim replies “yes”.

According to a news report by Asia One, several reports in the UK are warning people against these scams. In the reports, unbeknownst to the victim, their answer has been recorded. While it may seem like an innocent word to utter, the scammer will use this as a verbal agreement to a contract. The scammers use these tactics to trick victims into paying for services and products that they never wanted. When the victim challenges the claim, the con artists play back the recording as proof and threaten to take legal action.

LeoProtect advises all readers that the best ways to avoid this scam is to disconnect the call when asked “can you hear me?” or ignore them if you do not recognise the number that is calling.