9 Singaporeans Scammed by Fake 'Grab Discount' and 'Uber Discount' Promotional Packages.

fake uber discount promotional packages
Image by Sherlyn Goh

A recent string of attacks have seen scammers targeting users of private car hire apps like Grab and Uber. According to the Police, at least 9 reports have been made by victims claiming to have been cheated into purchasing “Grab / Uber discount promotional packages”.

Victims first came across the packages through word-of-mouth. They were then asked to contact the scammer through Whatsapp to transfer payment via bank transfer. However, after making payment, victims found that they were unable to redeem the rides. Unable to find the seller, victims had to make a police report.

Victims lost at least $7700 in this scam. The Police have issued an advisory informing the public to purchase only from official sources.

If the deal is too good to be true, always do your research before believing it wholeheartedly.