Someone Nearly Hacked My PlayStation Network Account

Image by The Hacker News

In less than two minutes, I received three texts informing me of a code I could use to log in to my PlayStation Network account. Trouble was, I did not request for them. I immediately logged onto the PlayStation Network platform to change my password and include a PIN number to prevent future attacks. Thankfully, after working for a cyber insurance platform for 6 months, I developed habits that ensured my accounts had a second layer of protection.

One month prior to the attack, I enabled Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on my PlayStation Network account for fear that my credit card may be used by an errant gamer. It was a close shave but in order to prevent the same thing from happening to you, here is how you can set up 2FA for your gaming account.

If You Use The PlayStation Network 

  1. Go to Settings > PlayStation Network/Account Management > Account Information > Security > 2-Step Verification and select “Set up now”
  2. Enter your mobile number when prompted, and select “Add”. You’ll then receive a text message with a verification code – enter this to authorise your mobile number for use in two-step authentication, and to link it to your PSN account
  3.  Finally, select “Activate” to turn on two-factor authentication

If You Have An XBox Live Account 

  1. Log into Xbox Live with your Microsoft account
  2. Go to your Security Settings page
  3. Under 2FA verification, select “set up two-step verification” to turn it on

If You Use Steam

  1. Click “Steam Guard” in the application’s menu
  2. Valve will text you a confirmation code to enter into the app
  3. The app will send a recovery code that you should keep in a safe place

If You Use UPlay

  1. Ubisoft account’s security settings on the web
  2. Click “Set Up 2-Step Verification” under Account Information

With the ease of setting up and recording credit card details on gaming sites, it is important to set up a second layer of protection to keep private information safe. Two-Factor Authentication is an extra step but it may save your account from being hacked one day.